Trendy Summer Houses and Garden Sheds in Tunbridge Wells

Unlock the potential of your Tunbridge Wells garden and get inspired by these trendy ideas for garden sheds. No matter what time of year, homeowners can take advantage of their outdoor space by creating a bespoke garden building, such as a shed, garden office or summer house, to expand their recreational and living quarters. Why not turn that forgotten shed into your own relaxing hub? At Gabriel’s Shed Ltd, we help clients in Tunbridge Wells and the nearby areas to build designs of their dreams.



Top 5 Garden Building Trends



A refreshing way to convert garden sheds is to turn them into a bar. This is a great idea for creating a focal feature that ties your garden scheme together, with decking or a patio for comfortable surroundings. Why not add a veranda to the shed design for families and friends to socialise in the summer? Depending on the size of your Tunbridge Wells garden, our expert craftsmen can discuss a bar and summer house combination, with cosy interiors and seating inside. Bars will also complement a garden office set up for the ultimate man or woman cave!




The perfect way to bring the Scandinavian ideals to your back yard is to build a beautiful summer house retreat. A garden building in the style of a log cabin can fit into most Tunbridge Wells gardens, such as smaller builds (which can measure as little as 2 metres by 2 metres) and larger options (approximately 4 metres by 3 metres). Homeowners can use the cabin as a lounge or garden office, plus they look great as rustic garden sheds and workshops. The log cabin aesthetic is easily designed by our team, using premium timber from our regular manufacturer.




Instead of converting the loft or basement in your Tunbridge Wells home, a habitable garden building is becoming more of an appealing choice. We can line, fully-insulate and install double-glazed windows in a summer house to create an additional bedroom that can be used throughout the seasons. Attractive additions, such as roofing materials and awnings, can replicate the appearance of a home, together with natural and minimalist interior furnishings for a cosy, clutter-free summer house. Planning permission will be required by the local Tunbridge Wells council.




Freelancers, entrepreneurs and anyone who works from their Tunbridge Wells home are branching outside with a garden office or pod to improve their productivity. With more and more companies incorporating environmentally-friendly workplace methods, a garden office for your home is the natural step. Garden sheds, pottery sheds and workshops have been the norm for functional garden buildings, however a garden office will benefit clients with plenty of natural daylight and a calming work environment.




Garden sheds can be so much more than a storage facility for your lawn mower. Tearoom and diner transformations are in vogue for garden buildings. If Tunbridge homeowners have always wanted a summer house or gazebo, a dining room in the garden is an ideal way for them to spend more time in the garden.



To discuss ideas for bespoke garden sheds and summer houses for your home in Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas, call 01732 868 197.

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