How to Use a Shed in Tonbridge for a Different Purpose

If you already own a shed, or if you’re in the market for one of the garden buildings on display at our showroom near Edenbridge, you’ll probably be looking for somewhere to store a lawnmower, some tools and maybe the children’s bicycles and scooters. Sheds, summerhouses and garden offices have their own specific purposes but, with a little imagination and some careful planning, you can use them in a number of different ways.


For many of our customers in the Tonbridge area, it’s simply a question of being creative and making a few adjustments to the designs of their sheds and garden buildings. Please take the time to visit our website gallery and see how customers use our installations.


Here are just a few ideas of what you can achieve with a little imagination:




Cut back on the cost of membership fees and keep fit inside your own schedule by using one of our garden sheds as a home gym. Garden buildings used as a gym, including a shed or a summerhouse, needs a secure concrete base. Fill the shed with cardio equipment, weights, bells and bars for a true gym experience without ever having to leave your Tonbridge home.


The secure concrete base withstands damage if you drop weights unexpectedly.



A creative space requires a creative mind. A shed or a summerhouse, or even a garden office if you plan to sell your work commercially, is the perfect way to own your own art studio without having to sacrifice space inside the home or falling into the rent trap. Let those creative juices flow without having to worry about damage to carpet or furniture.


Garden buildings are a perfect choice for budding artists and craft lovers in Tonbridge.



Garden sheds and summerhouses can inspire young minds too, and provide them with a safe place to play during the warmer summer months. What might be a shed to you is a Disney castle, a fort or a clubhouse to children. Gabriels Sheds sells timber playhouses as standalone products but if you only have space for a small shed, it should still do the trick.


If you have to work from home, build a summerhouse or playhouse next to a garden office and keep a close eye on the kids while you maintain your own productivity.



Larger garden sheds give Tonbridge customers ample workshop space to pursue hobbies or to keep up with maintenance work. Racks and shelving for storing hand tools leave more space for a workbench and, if you buy a shed in a larger size, there should be room to spare for garden machinery – perfect for those with a passion for horticulture and home DIY.


Avoid doubling up summerhouses and garden offices as workshops. These garden buildings need to separate home and work life, and also the hobbies you pursue.



If you have the opportunity to work from home and would like to avoid the daily commute from Tonbridge into London, consider a garden office. These garden buildings provide the user with a quiet space to focus without the distractions typically found in most homes. Deal with your emails by adding a power source and using powerline adapters for a connection.


Position a garden office away from the main body of the home for more privacy.



Garden sheds and summerhouses make perfect games rooms for the entire family to enjoy. Depending on the amount of space you have available, you could include a pool table, a dart board, a pinball machine and a television/console combination for video games. Add a mini fridge and create a mini bar for a night out down the “local” at a fairer, friendlier price.


For our gentlemen customers in Tonbridge, garden buildings also make great poker rooms.



Convert sheds and summerhouses into home spas and make an ideal garden retreat. Office and manual work leaves us feeling tired and stressed, and in need of somewhere to relax and unwind. Add a hot tub to one of our garden buildings and recharge your batteries from home without having to pay the expensive membership costs associated with health clubs.


Gabriels Sheds can provide homeowners in Tonbridge with ideas on insulating a home spa.



To see our attractive range of garden buildings, make the short trip from Tonbridge and visit our showroom near Edenbridge. Alternatively, call us for advice on 01732 868197.

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