Benefits of Garden Sheds in Reigate

If you enjoy relaxing in the sun or tending to the flora and fauna growing on your Reigate property, homeowners will benefit from bespoke garden sheds to keep their gardens in pristine condition. At Gabriel’s Sheds Ltd, we offer our clients a professional design and installation service for garden sheds, summer houses and garden offices which meet their specific requirements. We specialise in creating a garden building which is practical for storage throughout the seasons.



5 Reasons for Getting a New Shed



Whether you are an avid gardener or embarking on a garden maintenance project, a brand-new shed will keep your Reigate grounds looking neat and tidy. Garden sheds are perfect for keeping equipment, such as lawnmowers, tool kits and outdoor furniture in one place. Garden sheds will keep garden tools in great condition by protecting them from weather and environmental damage, such as rain which can cause rust. If you’re in the process of a home renovation or garage clear-out, a shed is a great alternative for short and long-term storage solutions until the project is completed. Other garden buildings, such as a summer house or garden office, can double up as storage areas depending on their size.




At Gabriel’s Sheds Ltd, we install a wide-range of garden sheds to perfectly fit into the available space at your Reigate property. We will carry out a site visit to help clients choose the best location, whilst maximising the space of their existing grounds. Streamlined, corner garden sheds provide easy access for when you need to tend to your lawn, especially with shelving and storage units to keep everything tidy and organised.




Garden sheds don’t usually require planning permission, however our team will be more than happy to offer Reigate clients advice and consult with the local council, as part of our management service. Larger garden building projects, such as a summer house, workshop or garden office, may need approval depending on its size and location on your property. However, installing a new shed is a fast and efficient, hassle-free process.




A wooden shed is quick and easy to install, in comparison to stone, concrete, brick or metal structures. The quality materials we use will be delivered to your Reigate home so that we can lay the foundation base for your garden building, whether it’s a shed, garden office or summer house. We even dismantle and remove old garden sheds to keep your garden tidy.




Garden sheds made from wood can easily be repaired to prolong their structural lifespan. We use premium-quality timber, oak and softwood, which is treated with waterproof sealants, plus the Celotex and ply lining that we install offers optimal insulation. Reigate clients benefit from our trusted relationship with timber suppliers, who manufacture durable materials especially for us, which are intended to make garden buildings, including garden sheds, summer houses, garden offices, workshops, garages and animal enclosures.



If you need further advice on garden sheds or other garden building designs for your property in Reigate and the surrounding areas, call 01732 868 197.

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