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From time to time, we all like to step back and distance ourselves from the rigours of daily life. Although we love our families dearly, even the largest of Horsham homes starts to feel a little stifled when things are at their busiest. Garden buildings offer the perfect retreat for those who need some space, but who don’t want to be too far away from the comfort of the family hub. Gabriels Sheds, located near Edenbridge, can provide the solace you need.


Our summerhouses, garden sheds and garden offices are multipurpose in design, and give our valued Horsham customers a place of quiet, tranquillity and solitude.


In recent years, we’ve seen a marked rise in the use of the Man Cave format. Today, even the ladies in our lives have a haven available in the solution of a She-Shed; an outdoor hideaway where the use of sheds and garden buildings focus on artful decoration and a suitable environment for reading, surfing the internet or engaging in a favourite hobby.


The purpose of Man Caves and She-Caves is essentially the same. The only difference between the two tends to be the décor, a matter of personal choice for our customers.



Uses for Summerhouses, Garden Sheds and Garden Offices


Leisure is just one consideration for creating a Man Cave or a She-Shed. Work is another and for those who want a practical build to focus on business activity without the hustle and bustle of everyday life, nothing fits the bill quite as well as a garden office. This is a purpose-built construction for work-from-home employees in the Horsham area, and a customised alternative to using summerhouses or gardens sheds as dedicated business environments.


Gabriels Sheds has an exciting range of timber garden offices on display at our showroom near Edenbridge, all of which can undergo customisation to suit the needs of our visitors.


Summerhouses provide welcome additional space for busy families and aren’t just restricted for use as a Man Cave or a She-Shed. With sensible positioning, a summerhouse is the perfect place to enjoy a glorious sunrise with your morning tea or a spectacular sunset with a relaxing glass of wine in the evening – dependent on the build facing to the east or west.


Even garden sheds provide a sanctuary for many of our visitors from Horsham. These garden buildings make an excellent retreat, especially for the hobbyist horticulturalist or the DIY enthusiast – a place to store tools and equipment, but also with a little spare space to work quietly without disruption from the spouse or from the chaos of children running around.


Whatever purpose you have in mind, we ask that you consider the following:



If you need to work to a budget and don’t want to pay more for a summerhouse with full or partial glazing, opt for standard-sized garden sheds. These still make a perfect retreat or hideout for homeowners in Horsham, but at a much lower price. Use your shed as a Man Cave or a She-Shed freely to read a book, write poems or relax and while the hours away.



For those with a large amount of garden space, always have summerhouses and garden offices built away from overhanging trees. Birds can be noisy at certain times of the year and, as they are prone to do, will deposit acidic droppings that eat into felt roofing and timber panels. Garden buildings tend to work best and last much longer in an open space.



Garden sheds and outdoor buildings purchased as a sanctuary require a little shelter from the rest of your Horsham property. Find a location away from the main body of the home or, when there are space limitations, build at angles so those inside the property can’t see directly into a shed, a summerhouse or a garden office. Make privacy the main objective.



At Gabriels Sheds, we firmly believe that the best way to personalise a Man Cave or a She-Shed is to decorate it in a style that reflects your personality and your taste. The timber design of most garden buildings leaves a cold feel to surroundings. Warm floor coverings and furnishings, such as carpet tiles, drapes and curtains, promote a much cosier ambience.



The world of online retailing makes it much easier to find summerhouses, garden sheds and garden offices than ever before but buying something you haven’t seen over the internet could leave you feeling disappointed with the final installation. Make the short journey from Horsham to Gabriels Sheds and see our fantastic range of garden buildings before you buy.



To see our attractive range of garden buildings, make the short trip from Horsham and visit our showroom near Edenbridge. Alternatively, call us for advice on 01732 868197.

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