Garden Buildings in East Grinstead | Finding a Perfect Position

To get the very best from one of our garden buildings, Gabriels Sheds advises East Grinstead customers to spend some time thinking about the best location and the best position. Our garden sheds, garden offices and summerhouses have a range of different uses, from simple storage facilities for tools and machinery, to the extension of living space during the warmer summer months. How you choose to use garden buildings is, of course, entirely up to you.


It matters to us that you get the best possible experience from one of our constructions, and gain many hours of enjoyment from the product you eventually decide on.


Important considerations for positioning garden sheds and garden buildings include:


  • The time of day you’ll use the construction most often
  • The impact on shade and sunspots in your garden
  • The overall height of the building
  • How close the construction sits to property boundaries


Where you decide to position sheds, summerhouses and garden offices on East Grinstead properties determines their lifecycle, whether or not you need planning permission and how we approach the practical side of the construction – especially in terms of the design.


It’s also important to visit our showroom near Edenbridge to see the expansive range of garden buildings we have available. Gabriels Sheds supplies timber buildings in a wide assortment of styles. If you need a small shed or garden office that fits into a corner without having to worry about planning permission, we can provide you with a suitable build.


If you want to buy a summerhouse in a hexagonal or octagonal design that offers a view from each side, we incorporate glazing into the design to enable this.



Where to Position a Summerhouse


The purpose of a summerhouse is to provide homeowners in East Grinstead with extended living space for enjoyment during the warmer seasons. It’s important for these garden buildings to provide the best possible view of a stunning sunrise or a spectacular sunset. Think about when you’ll use your summerhouse the most and base your decision on it.


  • Have your summerhouse facing east for the best experience in the morning
  • Alternatively, face your summerhouse west and sip cocktails at sundown in style


If you plan to use summerhouses or one of our alternative garden buildings throughout the entire day, Gabriels Sheds recommends a hexagonal or octagonal design.


Keep the winter in mind too. Walls, windows and doors that face south let in warmth and sunlight during the colder seasons. If you own a property in East Grinstead that receives a little too much sunlight in the summer, but would still like a summerhouse that maintains its warmth in the winter when the sun is lower, Gabriels Sheds suggests using a roof overhang.



Where to Position a Garden Shed or Garden Office


Are you a hobbyist or a DIY enthusiast? Are you a budding artist, or do you have a job that allows you to work from home? Anybody who plans to use garden buildings for working, painting or crafting needs to consider positioning. It makes sense to build garden sheds and garden offices that reduce the impact of direct glare and sunlight, but which still enable sufficient natural sunlight in to complete tasks without having to use any artificial light.


Our East Grinstead customers also need to consider furniture layouts, and the best positions for desks and chairs in garden offices, or workbenches in one of our garden sheds.


To make things easier for everybody, Gabriels Sheds customises garden buildings by letting you decide on the position of windows and doors. If you come to see us at our showroom and like a model that has the main window on the left-hand side of the construction, for example, we can change the design for you so the window sits on the right-hand side.


Flexibility is an important factor in our services, and something we always accommodate.



Garden Space and Planning Approval


Size is also a consideration for garden sheds, summerhouses and garden offices. A large garden building takes up considerable space and could infringe on other parts of an outdoor area, such as a lawn, a patio or flowerbeds. It could also block out sunspots and leave parts of an East Grinstead garden with too much shade. If there is only one spot to accommodate a shed or a cabin, always opt for a size that measures less than 2.5m in overall height.


This height usually offers the best possible balance of sunlight and shade, but there is also another practical consideration to limiting the size of garden buildings.


That consideration is planning permission. You will usually have to obtain planning permission for any structure that falls into any of the following categories


  • Locating garden buildings in a front garden irrespective of height and width
  • Over 2.5m high in any location when positioned within 2m of the boundary
  • Eaves over 2.5m high, apex roofs over 4m high or any roof over 3m high


To find out more about planning approval for garden sheds, summerhouses and garden offices, please contact the planning department of the local authority for East Grinstead.



To see our attractive range of garden buildings, make the short trip from East Grinstead and visit our showroom near Edenbridge. Alternatively, call us for advice on 01732 868197.

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