Advantages of a Summer House in Crawley

There are many ways that homeowners in Crawley and the surrounding areas of Surrey, Kent and Sussex can enhance their gardens, especially with a beautiful and practical summer house. Our experts will design and create any style of garden building, from garden sheds and garden offices, to play houses and summer houses. At Gabriel’s Sheds Ltd, we combine more than 50 years of industry experience to provide Crawley clients with bespoke creations which offer many advantages to their home.



Top Summer House Benefits



At Gabriel’s Sheds Ltd, we specialise in handling garden sheds and summer house projects using high-quality timber, oak and softwoods, specifically manufactured for our company. These premium products are ideal for a variety of garden building designs at your Crawley property, such as garden sheds, garden offices and especially for a new summer house.


  • Wood helps to regulate the heat and will naturally insulate your summer house or garden office during colder climates
  • Timber is a sustainable product which can easily be repaired, with broken parts that are 100% recyclable
  • Wooden structures reduce your carbon footprint, instead of increasing the demand for mining other natural resources
  • Summer houses and other garden buildings made from natural materials preserve the environment by absorbing carbon dioxide




A summer house is traditionally built using wood, which is a cheaper construction material when compared to stone, concrete or brick. Repairs and replacements can easily be carried out to maintain the structural integrity, which increases the lifespan of your summer house. Crawley residents can also benefit from our complete service at highly competitive prices, without the need to consult with other companies or suppliers. We will discuss your budget and manage all aspects of the project to reduce the costs as follows:


  • We’ll design any summer house based on our client’s requirements
  • Our company arranges bespoke and stock deliveries for high-quality materials
  • Craftsmen with expertise in creating garden buildings, such as garden offices and garden sheds, will lay the base foundations and install your summer house in a fast and efficient manner




A habitable summer house that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical is a great way to further sell your Crawley home. Not only will a summer house increase the amount of rooms your property offers, such as living spaces and bedrooms, it has the potential to increase the resale value.


  • A summer house is a unique selling point for properties throughout Crawley, which will appeal to potential buyers
  • Larger summer houses and garden buildings can easily be converted into habitable spaces due to their insulation capabilities, with necessary planning permission
  • Summer houses can increase your income if used as rented accommodation, in compliance with UK Building Regulations and the Local Authorities of the property




Your summer house can also be used as a multi-functional garden building. Like a garden office or garden sheds, a summer house with enough shelving or floor space is ideal for storing possessions. The durable timber foundations and insulation protects any additional storage items, especially during longer periods when your summer house is not in use. Crawley clients can take advantage of the space for temporary storage during home renovations and refurbishments too.




Most summer houses and garden buildings don’t require planning permission, depending on the size and location of the structure. Our team will help Crawley homeowners to organise any permits required before installations can be approved, otherwise a summer house offers little restrictions.


  • We offer a bespoke summer house service for Crawley clients to have their dream design made into a reality
  • Homeowners can choose different types of windows, roof shapes, tiles and colour schemes for wood panelling
  • A summer house can be installed in various sizes and in locations to maximise space, including compact corners of the garden
  • A brand-new summer house is perfect for a relaxing place to retreat, such as a lounge area, tearoom, dining room or private garden office
  • Our craftsmen will install shelves, benches and insulation materials to make the interiors comfortable and functional



For a bespoke summer house that enhances your home in Crawley and the surrounding areas, call 01732 868 197.

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