Garden Sheds in Caterham | A Guide to Garden Buildings

Located near Edenbridge, Gabriels Sheds is a supplier and installer of garden buildings to customers in all parts of the South East. Our showroom welcomes homeowners from the nearby Surrey town of Caterham. Most of them come to us with a purpose in mind, and want a certain type of functionality from one of our constructions. Others have a vague idea of what they wish to achieve, but need a little help in making the important final decision.


This page guides you towards the best choice for your Caterham property, and defines the subtle differences between garden sheds, summerhouses and garden offices.


Please visit us personally, or call us on 01732 868197 for an informal conversation over the telephone if you require assistance after reading this page. Gabriels Sheds is one of the most customer-friendly companies of its kind, and delivers a personable brand of service that not only puts people at ease, but which also helps them to make the perfect product choice



Garden Sheds


Because our Caterham customers have access to a wider range of garden buildings now than at any other time in the past, they no longer need to adapt a more traditional shed to suit their needs. Primarily, we like to think of garden sheds as an outdoor storage facility for tools and equipment, for fixtures and fixings, for garden machinery and maybe for the children’s bicycles. What you choose to keep in them, however, is entirely up to you.


Garden sheds also double up as practical workspace, especially for hobbyists and the DIY enthusiast. The storage side of the construction keeps tools and equipment close to hand.


If you don’t plan too far beyond storage and maybe a small amount of work, a shed is still the best choice from the garden buildings we have available. Our company offers a start-to-finish service which includes showroom assistance, the supply of the product, creating the concrete base and the final installation – always to standards we personally guarantee.


After a visit to our showroom and an expression of interest in our garden sheds, we travel to Caterham to survey available space and to provide a quotation for supply and construction.





It’s very easy to take summerhouses at face value, and to regard them as an extension of living space during the warmer seasons, but these garden buildings have many practical and pleasurable uses at any time of the year. Typically, our customers in the Caterham area use their summerhouses as a lifestyle product, either for sitting in themselves while the sun’s out or as a focal point for entertaining guests, maybe during a barbeque or a summer party.


With a little imagination and creative flair, however, these garden buildings fulfil a series of different purposes and provide homeowners with a multipurpose construction.


Gabriels Sheds builds summerhouses which our customers go on to use as an art studio, a children’s den, a man cave or a tranquil space for meditation and yoga. People often see garden sheds as an extension of their workspace and we’d agree with their opinions.


Summerhouses, in turn, are an extension of living space and provide homeowners in Caterham with versatile garden buildings to enrich their daily routines and activities.



Garden Offices


It’s safe to say we live in age where the presence of the internet dominates the way we live, work and interact. The ability to retrieve information and access documentation online makes it easier for many people in the Caterham area to work from home. Sometimes, it’s nice to have a workspace separated from the hustles and bustles of everyday life. A sizeable number of our customers now use garden offices as an alternative to an office in the home.


Garden sheds have a basic design and, because most people use them just for storage, it isn’t cost-effective to insulate them. This is what makes a shed unsuitable for office use in most situations. Summerhouses normally have insulation but, if a family member needs to use one as office space in summer, everybody else misses out on using it when it’s warm.


We design and build garden offices for one purpose; the provision of an outdoor workspace to give Caterham customers a quiet retreat where they can focus and maintain productivity.


Manufactured for year-round use, our mini and standard garden offices provide a dry, warm and secure working environment for the growing number of work-from-home employees in our region. Like small garden sheds, summerhouses and similar garden buildings, garden offices under 2.5m in height require no planning permission or local authority approval.



To see our attractive range of garden buildings, make the short trip from Caterham and visit our showroom near Edenbridge. Alternatively, call us for advice on 01732 868197.

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